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Philips MRx Lithium Ion Battery

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Product code: M3538A

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Philips MRx Lithium Ion Battery


Genuine Philips M3538A battery. The M3538A lithium ion battery is for the Philips HeartStart MRx Monitor or MRx Defibrillator, has a 4 yr factory warranty and ships FREE. with all new technology the M3538A battery packs even more power packed into a small package, giving you more power and less weight to carry to any emergency. The integrated fuel gauge tells you how much power is left to treat you patient before having to change or recharge the Heartstart MRx battery. Philips HeartStart batteries are rigorously tested for peak performance and durability, these batteries are specifically designed for your heartStart MRx Defibrillator/Monitor. Choosing a generic brand battery or re-celled battery may cause a potential power failure without warning leaving you and your patient in a compromised position. FEATURES: Power Indicator – The Philips Heartstart M3538A Lithium Ion Battery has the technology to rely back to you the amount of energy it currently has. through a built in fuel gauge. The M3538A MRx Battery has built in led lights that show the state of the batteries energy so you are able to see day or night and whether a battery change is needed. Fast charging time — your new Philips M3538A battery can be at 80% capacity in 2 hours and fully charged in about 3 hours from a completely depleted level. Partial Charging — Unlike other batteries the Heartstart M3538A battery can be taken from a partially charged state to use for patient monitoring without having any effect on the batteries life due to its Lithium Ion construction Low rate of discharge — Due to the Philips M3538A battery technology and top grade quality, the M3538A MRx battery can be stationary in storage for long periods of time and still be ready to perform when needed Philips M3538A Charging Charging is easy no special charger is needed just leave the battery installed in your Philips HeartStart MRX connected to a power source or an approved charging station for larger medical providers.The MRx battery will charge when the monitor is in use but will at a slower rate that’s why it is recommended you have two batteries and maintain them on a charging schedule. such as rotating batteries every two months keeping one as a spare and one as a primary.

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